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Dear Members,

This is to inform you about an upcoming change to our data center location. We will be moving from our current location to another building.

The new location will allow us to deploy a better infrastructure, it will offer us more room to grow, and will have better access to on-site assistance.

This will help us to deliver an overall better service.

The migration process has already begun. We have already moved a lot of our network infrastructure to the new location in order to set up a fully functioning hosting environment. The next step is to migrate all cloud and VPS/KVM customers.

The migration will begin Saturday (August 21st) 00:00 AM EST. The expected interruption of service will be anywhere between 6 and 24 hours.

Note: customers on our cloud platform with accounts larger than 80GB will be moved in the days prior to Saturday. During the moving process, their websites will be available in read-only mode.

Best Regards,
Support Staff

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